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Hearing Guardian

Your vision and hearing is working nonstop while you are awake - but unlike your vision, it's hard to realize how good or bad your hearing is. According to a recent report, over 20% of Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. Even young people can suffer from hearing loss by overusing the headphones and earphones on the computer and MP3 player.

Hearing Guardian can identify the weak spots in your hearing and lets you work on improving those weaknesses. The break-through technology behind Hearing Guardian restores the weakened hearing by emitting a special "therapy" sound for the ears. This technology is patent pending in over 39 countries.

The free 14 day trial gives you a chance to experience the positive effects of Hearing Guardian for yourself.

Quick Instructions
1) Test your hearing on Hearing Guardian

2) Treat the weakest spot on your hearing

3) Come back the next day

4) Re-test just the weakest spot

5) Re-treat the weakest spot

6) Repeat this process for 2 weeks